ARTA Code of Ethics

ARTA Members have made a commitment to professional responsibility with membership in the Association of Retail Travel Agents, the largest association consisting exclusively of travel agencies and travel agents. As an ARTA Member, members have acknowledged the following Code of Ethics:

ARTA Members provide the consumer with professional, objective advice and information in a factual and reliable manner about the travel products and services available from travel suppliers.

ARTA Members will remain knowledgeable in the area of travel and offer current, accurate information using resources made available to them by industry suppliers. They will advise their clients of their options so that the client may make an informed choice.

ARTA Members, when acting as agents for travel suppliers, will receive and distribute all funds in a timely manner through the proper distribution channels.

ARTA Members will remain conscientious in preserving the confidentiality of their clients’ information.

ARTA Members will accurately represent their professional qualifications. ARTA will provide only qualified persons with prevailing and ARTA-approved credentials which would allow them to represent themselves as members of the travel industry to suppliers and consumers, including the use of the ARTA Membership Card.

ARTA Members will make every effort to attend seminars, webinars, and presentations made available by suppliers. Upon expressing the intention to participate in these presentations, ARTA Members will honor this commitment.

ARTA Members will comply with all federal, state/provincial, and local laws that relate to the travel industry and the business community.

In professional appearance, behavior, courtesy, ethics, knowledge, etc., ARTA Members will make every effort to increase and maintain the respect of the general public for travel professionals.

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